Air Charter Broker or Air Charter Driver

Charter drivers have special authority from the Federal Aeronautics Management and the Division of Transport to run air charter trips, granted in the form of an air service provider certificate. Numerous of the lot wiser charter drivers also act as brokers to publication unique one-way charter trips or aircraft not in their fleet for their regular clients. Charter brokers differ from drivers in that they are not managed by the Division of Transport or any kind of regulatory authority.

As a matter of fact, there are no credentials or licensing essential to becoming an air charter broker. The simplicity of entry into this area has brought about a lot of charter brokers that have no previous air travel experience; however, a pick few charter brokers with comprehensive air travel knowledge offer an important service to their clients. Brokers do not operate charter aircraft themselves yet instead contract with operators who provide the real aircraft and preserve operational control of the flight.

Just what’s the Difference and does it Matter?

It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between an operator and a broker by taking a look at an air charter company’s internet site. A broker’s website will normally provide a fleet page, just as a charter operator’s web page, despite the fact that a broker does not have a fleet of aircraft. Try to find a disclaimer at the end of the home page that specifies something to the effect of “Company X acts on behalf of its clients and works as their rent a private jet agent.

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Once you are able to determine the difference between an air charter operator and a broker, establish whether you’re travelling needs need the solutions of a broker or a driver. If you are like most business and trip travellers, you’ll find that establishing a relationship with a neighbourhood aircraft charter driver with a nationwide network of affiliate aircraft will make certain that you are always taking a trip on the best charter trip at the best prices.